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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September is for Honor Club

Welcome to September. It's that time of year when children go back to school and Optimist Clubs get back to work following summer vacations.

For Optimist Club presidents, the work at hand is the final drive to HONOR CLUB.

An Optimist Honor Club truly means that your Optimist Club is doing all that it can to be around this time next year and far into the future. It signifies excellence in administration and service.

The steps to Honor Club are fairly simple. The Optimist Club must conduct at least three service projects each year and meet all of its financial obligations with Optimist International and the District. You've got this, right?

Next, your Optimist Club must recognize a community or club member as an outstanding Optimist, Friend of Youth, or other honor, and report the recognition on this form.

Your Optimist Club president must complete the President's Pride report. This report is available at Optimistleaders.org and may also be printed, completed and returned by mail by downloading the President's Pride report form here.  The President's Pride report serves as an annual report of activities so that the impact of your Optimist Club can be quantified. Together with other Optimist Clubs, the true depth of projects and impact on communities can be measured.

Finally, your Optimist Club must end the administrative year with one more member than it started with on October 1, 2014 (net +1).

The good news is almost every Optimist Club in the PNW District has a real chance of being an Optimist Club. Only two or three clubs will have to stretch to make the membership goal. For every one, it's worth it. Show your pride, demonstrate your commitment to your community and make your members proud by making your Optimist Club an Honor Club - right here, right now.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

And this happened, too

One of the attributes of belonging to an Optimist Club is that individuals can develop their leadership skills. Some people go from member to board of directors and then on to club president in a very short period of time.

Optimist Club presidents are automatically members of the District Board of Directors. They are encouraged to attend the District meetings and help make decisions that will help their Optimist Club thrive. Some club presidents are so busy that they let their duties fall to a member that often attends the District activities. It's easy to fall into that trap, and it is unfortunate that when that occurs, the District loses out on new and exciting ideas from fresh voices. 

At the 2015 PNW District Optimist International Convention, there was a mix of the old and new. One delightful addition was Gresham Optimist Club President Ben Deremer. In addition to being an Optimist Club member and full-time graduate student, Ben is also an Eagle Scout, just like Optimist International President Ken Garner. 

Ben served as emcee for Friday's luncheon and this happened. That's right, those are moose antlers right there on President Ken's head. Now that's fun. That's optimism. 

Luncheon address from President Ken.
Posted by PNW Optimist District on Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

And then this happened

We love to meet new Optimist Club members and are always excited to greet first-timers at a district meeting. This year, at the 2015 PNW District Optimist International Convention, we welcomed four first-timers.

Please join Governor Dick Disney as he says hello to Doug Roe; Twin Falls Optimist Club; Weezy Devinny, Lebanon Optimists;  Doug Lincoln, Twin Falls Optimist Club; and Jack Thornton, Hillsboro Optimist Club. Welcome, all!

pnw optimist clubs welcome first timers
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